Retaining walls


  What are retaining walls for?


A retaining wall is a structure to provide a barrier to down slope movement of soil, or rock, Retaining walls are generally made of masonry: stone, brick, and of course concrete.



  What types of retaining wall does TC Concrete Inc. Perform?






  And what method would be the most time consuming?

   All examples require rough preparation; the actual finish build depends on the project.

Brick taking the shortest because materials (Bricks) are pre-made from the start and the rest of the time is put into laying the bricks out evenly and making sure they are solid and in place.


Stone being the next time consuming. The stones my already be at the site for the building process to begin, but unlike brick the builder has to take their time placing the stones evenly and solid.


Concrete being the most time consuming because of the walls re-enforcers that need to be setup and in place properly before the concrete can be poured, and not to mention the time it takes for the concrete to cure properly (2 to 3 weeks).





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