Concrete Homes


TC Concrete constructs cast-in-place structures for complete concrete homes using foam forms for casting your concrete architecture.

Once you have laid down your foundation, the process of building your concrete walls can begin.

1)First we gather your wall's layout over the foundation, and begin setting up our foam molders.


(Notice how we have the wall molders bound together with mini supporters, rebar, and tightened zip ties to ensure that once the concrete is poured the molders wont fall and the concrete cure's correctly and solid.)


2) We place around the doors, windows, or opening frames with plywood so the concrete will set and cure around that window, door, or opening frame with in the concrete wall.


When the foam molders in place and openings sealed, we begin to pouring the concrete and allow it to cure (Letting the concrete cure can sometimes take up to 3 weeks)


3)With the concretes cured we remove the Styrofoam molders and plywood to revel your casted concrete walls .

And now the roof and interior work can begin. When the job is completed, the results speak for themselves.



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